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Quote of the Month: April, 2024

"If you have zero money coming in, the probability 
of you committing a crime is extremely high"

—Keidrian Brewster

"If you have zero money coming in, the probability 
of you committing a crime is extremely high"

--Keidrian Brewster

Arrested at age 17, Keidrain Brewser spent 13 years in a Texas prison. During that time, he lost his grandmother, who had raised him, his younger brother, who idolized him and followed him into a life of gang activity, and his mother, who died of a drug overdose. They called him “Lil K” and the deaths of all those he loved brought him to a turning point.

He remembered proudly telling the ‘homies’ that his brother had followed him in “repping the hood.” Brewster wasn’t proud anymore. His brother had died “repping the hood.” He was heartbroken. He realized he had led his brother down the wrong path and he says, “A new me began to emerge. I began to believe that if I could lead someone to darkness, I could also lead them to light.”

He began a course of self education. He started reading extensively, and took courses offered in the prison. He stayed away from negative people and began to focus on the life he wanted. As his sentence came to an end, he knew he had to get a job quickly after release, and he did. His mentor was a former Texas game warden, who owned a container company. Brewster learned the business and hung on every word as his mentor demonstrated customer service, fairness, and responsibility.

Before long, he was dreaming of starting a company of his own. He got a commercial driver’s license and managed to buy a truck and a flatbed. He was in business as an owner/driver and soon found out how big this country is, and how a hard-working person could be successful. Following his mentor’s high standards of client interaction, Brewster Logistics now owns 10 trucks and hires justice-involved individuals as often as he can.  

Recently at Martin University, Brewster spoke to a crowd of reentrants and many support service organizations including 2nd Chance Indiana. He smiled as he said, “Pull up your pants, get a belt, show people you are serious.” But he wasn’t kidding. He has built his business by having high standards, and believes it has made him successful in the 10 years since his release.

A tattoo on the inside of Brewster’s wrist says “Lil K R.I.P.” It’s a daily reminder that his old ways are dead and Keidrian Brewster has been born to a new life: A spiritual, educated, successful life that has been carved in the heart of a man who had the right attitude, the right people around him and a strong ambition to make it to the other side. He never had “zero money coming in” because as a reentrant, Brewster had a job when he needed it most. 


Read Brewster’s insightful books: From the Rec Yard To the Streets is the inspirational story about the life-chaining experience of his time in prison. His second book, From The Streets To The Suites, is the story of building a successful company, now in an office suite overlooking Dallas, TX.

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