2nd Chance Indiana doesn't work in a silo. No single orgnization can possibly cover all the needs of those we serve. It takes partners working in concert to address the spectrum of mental, spiritual, physical, and carrer-related aspects of the lives we touch. That's why, to build a highly effective 2nd Chance Indiana community, we have intentionally teamed up with Employer Partners, Education Partners, Government Partners, Not-for-Profit Partners, and Church Partners.
Once our team and each 2nd Chance Indiana partner agree how we will work together, we formalize our intentions in a Memo of Understanding (MOU), in which we commit to one another how we will interact to serve those who need a second chance.

Employer Partners

We have more than 40 Employer Partners that have committed to offering second chances to those with criminal backgrounds.

We work with many of our Employer Partners to address the No. 1 obstsacle to keeping reentrant employees--the lack of affordable, reliable transportation. Through several grants, 2nd Chance Indiana's Reentry Transportation Program enables employers to provide At No Charge their reentrant employees with transportation to and from work daily.

If you are interested in looking into the benefits of being a 2nd Chance Indiana Employer Partner, please visit our EMPLOYERS page now.

Education Partners

Butler University Lacy School of Business

The interest in changing the trajectory of the lives of reentrants is growing in academia as well as within the general public. When we reached out to Butler University’s Lacy School of Business to see if anecdotal evidence of good employee outcomes for reentrants was true, they jumped at the chance to find out. The landmark study involved more than a year of intense analysis of work records, job performance reports, and increases in pay and promotions in these employer companies.

The result was not surprising to us. The study found that there was no statistical difference in the on-the-job performance of those with a criminal record when compared to the those with no recoord. In fact, employees who had been convicted of more serious offences, (felonies) were found to be far better on-the-job performers than those with lower level offenses (misdemeanors).

Read the White Paper

Indiana Wesleyan University

When a professor in the Criminal Justice Department of Indiana Wesleyan heard about our job preparation training, Jobs for Life, he knew he had to help. Jobs For Life is an integral part of finding success in work and life after

release from incarceration, providing an off ramp from prison culture onto a highway of success called employment. But the course was heavy in reading, and many reentrants could not fully access the material. Enter Brad Garner, Ph.D. whose talents included the ability to animate Jobs for Life lessons, allowing everyone to access the important lessons available through these classes. Watch one of Dr. Garner's video creations (right).

If you are an educator interested in exploring a working partnership with 2nd Chance Indiana, please either email, or you can reach us through our Contact page. Either way, please put “Education Partnership” in the subject line.

Government Partners

We currently work closely with the City of Indianapolis, Office of Public Health and Safety, Office of Reentry, as well as State of Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction, Recovery Works Program. We also work in concert with Indiana Department of Correction, Community Corrections, and Parole as well as with Probation at the county level. At the heart of each and every one of these governmental entities are people who genuinely care about our reentrants, and work with us to give them the tools they need to begin a new and successful life.

To set up a meeting to discuss the possibility of a partnership with 2nd Chance Indiana, please either email, or you can reach us through our Contact page. Either way, please put “Government Agency Partnership” in the subject line.

Not-for-Profit Partners

Over the last few years we have developed high-trust relationships with a number of not-for-profit orgnizations, based on the consistently dependable level of caring services they have provided to our reentrant clients and their families. One example is Onward with Centra Credit Union, formerly NorthPark Community Credit Union (pictured). Their staff has given and continue to give countless hours of their time to provide, at no charge, financial literacy training in areas of extreme need.

To set up a meeting to discuss becoming a Not-for-Profit Partner, please either email, or you can reach us through our Contact page. Either way, please put “Not-for-Profit Partnership” in the subject line.

Church Partners

Church outreach efforts support reentrants in several ways. We always need clothing for second chance job fairs—often supplied by widows and widowers, congregants who want to see their loved one’s clothing being used to bless a person in need. Other churches field teams of volunteers—Mentors walk along side reentrants providing encouragement and guidane; our Correspondents share letters with inmates who often have no other contact in the outside world, and our Prayer Warrior team effort is made ever stronger through the efforts of church members and church teams to whom we supply names of those in jails and prisons who need to be lifted up in prayer. 

To set up a meeting to discuss becoming a Church Partner, please either email, or you can reach us through our Contact page. Either way, please put “Church Partnership” in the subject line.

Corporate Partners

We couldn't provide this service at no charge to reentrants and to our Business Partners without the unwavering support of the Corporate Community, especially our Corporate Partners below.

Platinum Level

Gold Level

Silver Level




2nd Chance Indiana has Corporate Partner sponsorship opportunities that range from $3,000 to $30,000 annually. To set up a meeting to explore the possibilities, please either email, or you can reach us through our Contact page. Either way, please put “Corporate Partnership” in the subject line.

Donor Partners

Our donors are people who follow the Biblical mandate of Hebrews 13:3, that says “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them. Many people are concerned about mass incarceration. Many decry the ballooning costs of our penal systems. But our donor partners are making a material change in futures of some who really never had a chance before, a change for their children, for whom a working parent not only supplies a foundation of economic stability, but provides a map for them that they might understand how the dignity of work is better than government subsidies, that are never enough. We could not do what we do without our donor partners. All our work is made possible by their generosity.

There are so many problems that we can impact together.

To determine the best way for you to give, please visit our Donate page.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.