Our caring volunteers train, console, and mentor into wholeness people both in and out of long-term incarceration. Choose what you can do:

Become a Prayer Warrior!

We provide the names of people who need to be lifted up in prayer as they are preparing to reenter the outside world as well as some who are facing multiple years of incarceration and others who don't expext to set foot outside the walls of a correctional facility ever again. This is a “no contact” position.

Join our Inmate Correspondence Team!

We’ll connect you with people who have asked for somebody to write to them. We’ll give you the guidelines that will help you to be comfortable corresponding with an inmate. No personal contact is necessary unless you decide to call or visit.

Be a Coach!

Be there for friendship, advice, emotional (not financial) support, encouragement, and contacts as your mentee reconnects with his or her family or finds housing elsewhere, gets a job, and rebuilds his or her life after release from incarceration. A coach works in person with the mentee.

Be a Jobs for Life Champion!

Walk along side those going through a 10-session job preparation training course as your mentee develops an understanding of his or her true value as a human being and how to successfully transition into the workplace culture. Our mentor Champions go through these classes on the inside with the inmate, and then continue to provide ecouragement and guidance following their release.

Contact Information

2nd Chance Indiana
241 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208


Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.