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Quote of the Month: February 2024

"There's a big difference between 'I have to work'
and 'I want to work'"

—Fredrick Hatton

"There's a big difference between 'I have to work'
and 'I want to work'"

—Fredrick Hatton


Fifty-eight year old Frederick Hatton has a lot of experience. Imprisoned for 32 years, Hatton had to find a way to get through what seemed like a life sentence. What he did to survive was to work. He cut hair, he did various clerical prison jobs, took classes to refine his knowledge of residential electrical procedures and more. When he walked out of prison, he brought with him a strong work ethic, pride in what he does, and the drive to always, always have a job.

Even before his release, he interviewed with Volumod, where he has worked for more than three years. The company employs between 30% and 50% reentrants, and Hatton says in his view, those with a criminal past really show their desire to work. They really "want to work" to succeed and move ahead, as opposed to the idea of "having to work," which is actually a more common emotion.

Interestingly, his take on the motivation of "have-to" vs. "want-to" is astute.

Ph.D. Brian Robinson writes that "want-tos" are internally motivated by an intense personal goal. On the other hand, "have-tos" are externally motivated by their own "should" or "must" voice. Numerous studies have found that when someone pursues a goal with "want-to" motivation, they tend to have fewer obstacles and an easier time reaching their goals, and those motivated by "have-to" reasons, tend to have more struggles.

Mr. Hatton knows that those returning from long-term incarceration want to be especially good employees because their internal motivation is laser focused on making up for lost time, and having a good job is key to having a good life. Butler University's Lacy School of Business, found that to be true in a study that had analysts combing through thousands of human resource files, noting attendance records, raises, promotions, as well as demotions and firings. Their findings: There is no statistical difference in job performance between those with long prison sentences and employees who had never been incarcerated.

Fredrick Hatton is one of these people. He rises at 4am, drives a 2nd chance Indiana van and picks up others who work at Volumod. He puts in his eight hours, and delivers them home at night. He has an internal "want-to" that makes him a happy and successful man. A man we are very proud to know.


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