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Quote of the Month: June, 2024

"After being released years ago, I was still a prisoner in my own mind without much needed help"

—Phillips Hollowell

"After being released years ago, I was still a prisoner in my own mind without much needed help”

—Phillips Hollowell

In his senior year of high school, Phillips Hollowell was convicted in Florida for driving under the influence leading to the death of his friend. It was 1988, and after serving time and many years in Florida, he moved to Indiana and happened to read about Arthur Beatty in last month’s 2nd Chance Indiana Quote of the Month.

Hollowell wrote that he completely understands the “regret and remorse” felt by Mr. Beatty, but “never had the help that 2nd Chance Indiana provides.”
He graduated from college last August in Florida, where he was offered a teaching position with Pinellas County schools, but chose to move to Indiana in a decision that he says was “divine intervention.”

Still, it took seven months to find someone willing to rent to him and he continues to look for work. Through all his trials he believes “God is “trying to teach me something” and he continues to hope to help young people at-risk, especially those on the verge of dropping out of high school. He says, “the school system here has not been receptive thus far.”

Yet, for Hollowell, unemployment continues to be the problem. Even with a degree and certification in addiction recovery, he is has not found work. The truth is, Indiana needs more acceptance and more job opportunities for people with a criminal record.

Recidivism remains insanely high. Ninety percent of those who are reincarnated did not have a job when they were rearrested. To anyone paying attention, it is pretty obvious how important work and the community of the workplace are to steadying the ship for those who are still trying to get their sea legs during reentry.

Hollowell’s message to us ended with these words, “God bless all of you, and never give up when God guides you to do his work.”

We’re not giving up,

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