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The No.1 barrier to getting and keeping a job after release from incarceration is the lack of dependable and affordable transportation. What reentrant-employees need is structure and assistance, and 2nd Chance Indiana's Reentry Transportation Program provides both. Utilizing 15-passenger vans, drivers pick up employees and return them to a convenient location every day to and from jobs throughout Indiana. These jobs pay a living wage, which allows a reentrant to not only support himself or herself, but also to save for a vehicle that one day will allow the “rider” to become a “driver” to and from a job that offers a solid foundation of economic advancement.



Our employer partners understand that reentrants may have to take time off to have occasional court-mandated drug tests, or to meet with a parole officer, but employees who are able to dependably report to work every day, having been trained to understand the team-oriented culture of employment, have every chance of putting the time they spent in incarceration in the rear view mirror.


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Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.