We Mentor

Statistics show that mentors greatly improve the chances for successful reentry of those coming out of incarceration. Could you be a mentor? 2nd Chance Indiana has four levels of mentor care that range from no personal contact to a high-trust personal relationship. Each level has its own designation. Which might fit you?


Prayer Warrior - Pray by name only. Might or might not be given specific information

about the person (offense, length of incarceration, release date, etc.). No personal

contact whatsoever. Sign Up Here!

Inmate Correspondent - Letter writing only. No personal contact unless you decide to

either participate in calls or to visit the inmate in person. Sign Up Here!


Coach - Meet and develop an ongoing relationship to help a reentrant recently released

from incarceration who requests a mentor, either specifically requesting a Christian mentor or making no such request. Sign Up Here!


Champion - Develop a high trust relationship by walking through training with an inmate preparing for release from incarceration. Then, sticking with him/her during at least the critical first 90 days of work. Hopefully, the relationship will last at least one year, and perhaps the two will form a lifelong bond. Sign Up Here!



Contact Information

2nd Chance Indiana
241 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208


Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.