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Nancy Cotterill co-founded 2nd Chance Indiana (as UNITE INDY) in late 2016. She was editor and later publisher of Indianapolis Business Journal, and then created a not-for-profit online news outlet for the four million wheelchair users in the U.S. As an award-winning journalist, Nancy uses her talents to promote efforts to fight the causes of overall poverty throughout our area while working to spread the specific message that second chance employment is lowering recidivism, changing lives, and raising families out of poverty.

May 7, 2024

The 1994 Crime Bill with its "three strikes" mandatory life sentence fed the fire of mass incarceration and actually did little to reduce crime. There is strong criminological evidence that life prison terms, with or without parole, do little to improve public safety because eventually people "age out" of the statistical criminal age group. Could there be a 2nd chance for some?

March 21, 2024

While there is a push by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to give life sentences to people who commit 'speech crimes,' there is a large contingent of people with mental issues in our prisons and jails, who need help, but how? (Probably not LIFE imprisonment.)

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Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.