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Nancy Cotterill co-founded 2nd Chance Indiana (as UNITE INDY) in late 2016. She was editor and later publisher of Indianapolis Business Journal, and then created a not-for-profit online news outlet for the four million wheelchair users in the U.S. As an award-winning journalist, Nancy uses her talents to promote efforts to fight the causes of overall poverty throughout our area while working to spread the specific message that second chance employment is lowering recidivism, changing lives, and raising families out of poverty.

April 21, 2024

The effort is so successful that we are contacted weekly for more van transportation help.Yet with some funding at an end, and the need continuing to grow, more support is needed. Without continued funding, many of the vans we already have will stop running and a large portion of those who need transportation will lose their jobs. We've found a program that really works, and we're doing all we can to continue.

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Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.