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We're Expanding! 2nd Chance Indiana is now working with folks in Monroe, Owen, and Adams County and need new inmate correspondents. Also, more reentrants are signing up for transportation at Volumod, and Indiana's Workforce Development leaders meet with 2CI to help. Meanwhile, youth violence and death continues…

Arthur Beatty, who spent 32 years in Indiana prisons met with Jim and Nancy Cotterill to share his experiences and offer help to young juveniles who need a guiding hand. Plus! 2nd Chance Indiana took a tour of Park 100 Foods with the leaders of Indiana's Recovery Works project, and the National Christian Legal Clinic hosted 2CI's Jim Cotterill at their gala event, who part in a panel discussion. Good Read!

On September 25th UNITE INDY announced that it is now doing business as 2nd Chance Indiana. Also, read about: Working with U.S. Cold where our Reentry Transportation Program is removing the No. 1 barrier to getting and keeping a job, which is lack of affordable and reliable transportation.
Plus the Duvall Center is planning a job fair, anti-violence organizations are at work, and Indiana Schools must now provide detailed test score and attendance records for parents. Read more!

Our big NAME CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Is coming...(Unite Indy has outgrown its name. We are now 2nd Chance Indiana, with a new website, a new logo, and a more accurate name for our work.) Read about powerful meetings held this month with FSSA's Department of Mental Health and Addiction's Recovery Works Team, employer-partners Volumond, and Purposeful Design, and a supercharged planning meeting with pastors, Ken Johnson and Eugene Potter. 

Read about plans to conduct a new study to examine the results for reentrants who received transportation services to and from work, Unite Indy's participation at the recent OPHS Job Fair, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our August 2023 newsletter.

Read about how payday lenders gouge borrowers with rates as high as 391% APR, Conexus's Catapult program, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our July 2023 newsletter.

Read about our Reentry Transportation Program Report, job opportunities for those living in work release programs, under home detention, or those with ankle monitors, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our June 2023 newsletter.

Read about how the Second Chance Indy Job Fair surpassed all expectations, the iNDY Network partnership with UNITE INDY, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our May 2023 newsletter.

Read about the Second Chance Indy Job Fair occurring on April 19th, RecyleForce hosting UNITE INDY to Celebrate their partnership, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our April 2023 newsletter.

Read about how our Jobs for Life graduate now has her dream job, how reentrants can receive training for high-pay jobs, and about other happenings at Unite Indy in our March 2023 newsletter.

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