Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.

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2nd Chance Jobs

We partner with employers who offer jobs that pay a living wage to those returning from incarceration. For most reentrants, these jobs are a life-line to a new and better life, one in which they can build a foundation of economic stability for themselves and their families.

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We Train

Most reentrants need help to transition from prison life to a workplace culture, where teamwork is essential. Each student is given the opportunity to assess their capabilities and focus on the kind of job at which they could excel as they gain confidence in their ability to be productive in an environment of shared values and opportunity.

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We Mentor

We provide trained mentors to help reentrants both inside correctional facilities and after they are released. Mentoring is the strongest deterrent to recidivism because most people exiting long-term incarceration face an overwhelming challenge to find a job, locate housing and make the myriad of decisions necessary to start again.


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We Deliver

Lack of affordable, reliable transportation is the No. 1 barrier to getting and keeping a job for those in reentry. We help their transition by providing transportation in 15-passenger vans for as long as they need a ride to and from work. But soon, they accumulate savings, buy a car, and become one of the many who are on a solid path to a new and better life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work.