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Jim Cotterill co-founded 2nd Chance Indiana (as UNITE INDY) in late 2016. After a decade as the founding president of National Christian Foundation Indiana following several years developing a chain of Business Journals across the country, he and his wife, Nancy, were led to serve those coming out of long term incarceration by helping them find and keep jobs that pay a living wage. Jim and Nancy believe that, through the dignity of work, reentrants' lives can be changed and their families can be lifted out of poverty.

"There was a time in my life when I thought I had everything – millions of dollars, mansions, cars, nice clothes, beautiful women, and every other materialistic thing... Now I struggle for peace." —Comedian Richard Pryor

I was in college when I became aware of Richard Pryor. He was raw, funny and hugely popular. As one of the most influential and controversial comedians ever, he seemed to have it all. Even then, I knew that comedians are not usually the jovial cut-ups in private that they are on stage, but none of his fans knew how much of his comedy was based on his dark youth...

"Hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth, good will toward men." —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In 1861 Fanny Longfellow, died after her dress was set ablaze by a falling candle. Her adoring husband, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, rushed to smother the flames, covering her with his body, but was too late to save...

"You oughta be thankful, a whole heaping lot, for the places and people you're lucky you're not." —Dr. Seuss

Cute. It rhymes. But the truth is—it's the truth. Most of us are the lucky products of the grace and blessings we were handed in this world. We are the "lucky ones." For the most part, lucky ones had a loving mom and dad who raised their children in a safe home, with enough food, an emphasis on education, and an understanding of their Maker...

31 OCT, 2022

"I don't want to do this." —Brittany, Jobs for Life Graduate

Three days ago we celebrated the graduation of women who have completed a 16-week Jobs for Life course to prepare them for work and help them secure a job. All of them have recently been released from incarceration. Some wore ankle monitors under the classic graduation black gowns and caps...

30 SEP, 2022

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"—Jimi HendrixWho doesn't know the name Jimi Hendrix? He was an insanely talented guitarist, the world's highest paid musician in 1969, the headliner at Woodstock and so many other famous concerts all over the U.S. and Europe. But those who knew him, saw him as the shy and sensitive boy who was deeply affected by parental abandonment, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and disillusionment.He was a by-product of the crazy, mixed up '60s, when "flower children" were dancing in the streets, singing songs of peace, while the war in Vietnam continued to rage, killing our sons by the thousands. A decade that saw our president assassinated, while our school children were still being taught to 'duck and cover,' to avoid injury from Russian bombs, and on the nightly news were films of civil rights marches and riots.An entire generation had become disillusioned. They stopp...

26 AUG, 2022

The Lord sometimes has to short-circuit even our best plans for our benefit."—Tony DungyTony Dungy knows about success, but also bitter disappointment. After a stellar football performance in high school and college, he signed on as a free agent with the Pittsburg Steelers, winning a Super Bowl ring in 1978. Before long he started up the ranks of NFL defensive coaching.Meanwhile in 1996, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had one of the worst records in the NFL. Desperate for fresh leadership, they hired Tony Dungy as head coach. This job was the realization of his dreams. He re-designed Tampa's defense, famously instituting what is now called Tampa 2, and developed work-arounds for the team's problem areas, and built the Bucs into real contenders.Then came a devastating one-two-three punch. The Bucs lost in the playoffs, Tony's mother died, and a few days later he was fired from his job as head coach. I actually remember a video some news team t...

29 JUL, 2022

My name is Jonathan and today seems like a good day to die"—Greenwood Mall ShooterJuly 19, 2022This kid's quote sparks more questions than we have room to print. To start off with, he posted photos of himself wearing an ammo vest and mask, holding a pistol to his head. Did no one see this? Do these kinds of actions not indicate an issue with guns and a penchant for violence? Were there no friends, or family members who were concerned about his obvious propensity toward guns and killing?I doubt very much his family wasn't aware of his problems. I am sure friends of this guy wondered if he would really do what he acted like he was going to do, and now they are having "I told you so" conversations. But still, we wonder, are his photos and posts enough evidence to go to the police? I guess it depends on who you ask. Let's ask Pedro Pineda and his wife Rosa or Victor Gomez. Let's ask them. Oh, he killed them, so I guess we can't get their vi...

30 JUN, 2022

These are black people killing black people. It's self-genocide. People have been accepting this like it was normal."— Sharif Amenhotep, Newark Anti-violence ActivistOur new Federal holiday, Juneteenth, is a powerful reminder of the millions who were enslaved in our country, as well as those who fought to end slavery. Unfortunately, the holiday was not the celebration it might have been.In Washington D.C., three people were shot and a 15 year-old boy laid on the ground begging for his mother as he died. He was not a target, just the unlucky recipient of a bullet released by a thoughtless thug. Meanwhile, Chicago celebrated Juneteenth by shooting 38 people and killing four. In Baltimore, at least four people were killed and six others injured in weekend shootings. All black-on-black violence.Other Juneteenth incidents were reported in California, South Carolina, Michigan, and Colorado. One mother told reporters, "My little boys know the ...

31 MAY, 2022

"If we don't defend what's important to us, what's important to us will disappear."— AnonymousSo, what's important to you? Your family? Would you defend them? Or, your money or house? Maybe your possessions? What about your rights? Where do they come in your list of "Top Ten Things You'd Defend"?Under the heading "Rights," would you have subheadings? Like: privacy, speech, or parental rights? Do you have a right to safety? Much of this is debatable and is being debated in the public square. But one thing is certain, if we don't defend what's important to us, what is important will disappear.In everything we do we have a choice: Are we victims or are we "more than conquerors"? Can we fight the good fight of faith, or do we wait to see which way the wind blows? Too much of the talk we hear is cheap. Actions speak louder than words (I didn't make that up.).One of the newer words in our lexicon is "slacktivist." A slacktivist will promote c...

29 APR, 2022

"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread."— Mahatma GandhiFor those who see God in the form of bread, God is getting more and more expensive.The price of bread has gone up 36% in the last year. Beef prices have increased by 30% and coffee futures are up 76%. So, that $4 cup of joe at Starbucks is probably going to hit $6 or $7 soon. Gas prices are up 70% from their low just months ago, and the price has actually gone down a few cents lately, because people can't afford to use their cars. One expert advises that since the price of used cars has gone up 46%, you should consider selling your vehicle and walking everywhere. (Gee, thanks for that.) I saw a man lose his mind at Lowes over a $7 credit he believed he should have, but didn't get. I felt for the guy. Seven bucks is dinner. Seven bucks matter. All this difficulty is thought to be fueling a resurgence of church attendance...

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